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Brendan Barnwell

Don't be alarmed by the lack of recent updates. This website is mainly as a stable point of access to stuff I've done that I want to make publically available. I've recently been exploring some new web programming tools, and if all goes well I hope to revamp the site at some point in a way that makes it easier for me to add new little bits of content here and there. In the meantime, you can still get at my comics and my music, which anecdotal evidence suggests are the most popular things here. The more adventurous among you may even dare to look at photos or werewolf logs.

So go ahead and click. The links won't bite.


I've added a link to my blog, Interesting Question. I launched this blog a few months ago as a place to post my analyses of an eclectic array of stuff that intrigues me.


I added a small page about my linguistic work. I also decided to remove the Interactive Fiction page, since it was pretty outdated and not very useful.


Some people were mentioning this site doesn't look like it's been updated in a while. That's true — I've been pretty busy with grad school — but nothing's going away, and I haven't forgotten about the site.


I scanned in another comic, called "New Horizons". You can get to it via the Comics link on the left.


I have scanned in my comic, "Milk", and made it available on the site. You can get to it via the Comics link on the left.


Four — count 'em, four — new galleries up. One is an old werewolf session I never gallerized, and the other three focus on my just-completed sequence of three vacations.


A new gallery is up — a big one, full of pictures from my trip to Ireland.


Three new werewolf galleries up.


Photo galleries are up!