A New Flute
Front cover art

Over the course of the 3 years I took piano lessons, I composed some music of my own. Toward the end of the summer of 2002, I booked several sessions at a local recording studio and recorded this album of my compositions. (My parents paid for the studio time — many thanks to them!) I made copies which I gave away to various friends and family. When I acquired this webspace, someone suggested I put A New Flute up publically, in MP3 form, and that sounded like a great idea to me. The MP3s are available below.

All of this music is for solo piano. The style varies a bit, but most of the pieces have a more or less classical feel.

This music is absolutely free of charge, and you may do anything you want with it except that: a) you must credit me as the composer if you distribute it; b) you cannot modify it and then claim that I wrote the modified version. You may download and redistribute the MP3s as you please. If you do make copies of them for other people, though, please also tell them about this site so they will know where to look if they want any more information. In the (probably unlikely) event that you want to create some kind of derivative work, you can do this too, as long as you make it clear that you've made changes. (That is, don't claim that your modified version is the original — it's fine to say yours is "based on A New Flute" or some such thing.) The cover art was also designed by me and the same license applies to it. (PDF files containing the cover designs are available below, and you can also save the image on the left.)

If you are interested in obtaining a physical copy of A New Flute on two CDs, email me and I will send you one for free (including the cover art and stuff). The license outlined above applies to the CD itself too — you're free, for instance, to burn copies for your friends if you wish.

Disc 1 Disc 2
01 Piece in B-flat 6.6 MB
02 Polyphonia in B-flat 4.77 MB
03 Perpetual Motion #1 in C 11.7 MB
04 Tarantella in C 4.83 MB
05 Capriccio in B-flat 2.43 MB
06 Scherzo in C 3.88 MB
07 Modulations in E-flat 3.98 MB
08 Perpetual Motion #4 in A-flat 6.35 MB
09 Dotted (piece in G minor) 6.65 MB
10 Maestoso in C minor 4.29 MB
11 Perpetual Motion #2 in G-flat minor 7.84 MB
01 Perpetual Motion #3 in B-flat 16.8 MB
02 Rockin' Russian (piece in A minor) 3.51 MB
03 Andante Espressivo in E-flat 6.76 MB
04 Fantasia con Fuoco in C 22.1 MB
05 Etude in B-flat 6.72 MB
06 Chromatic Fantasy in C 3.31 MB
07 Full Palette (piece in C) 3.15 MB
08 Toccata in C 4.37 MB
09 Scherzando in C 2.41 MB
10 Neoclassical piece in C 3.17 MB
11 Siciliana in C 5.11 MB
These MP3s were encoded at 192KB/sec from 44KHz WAV files ripped directly from the master CDs.
Front Cover Back Cover
PDF file containing two back-to-back jewel case-size pages. The front has the cover art, and the back side lists the pieces in chronological order of composition. PDF file containing the back cover page, which has a track listing, information about when and where the music was recorded, and thanks.